Become a Sponsor

Combined with a Festival attendance averaging up to 100,000 in recent years, our event offers excellent exposure for our sponsors. Depending on the value of your contribution there are many other ways that your brand can be profiled. Ask about the other ways that you can be featured with your level of sponsorship!

The philosophy of the Richmond Agricultural and Industrial Society (RAIS) has always been that the Salmon Festival is a way to give back to the community. How does your sponsorship help? Through your sponsorship, be it cash or value-in-kind, all of it goes toward offsetting the cost to produce the festival. Any remaining surplus is donated to the Steveston Community Society for a special community project. Through your support of the festival, you are also supporting your community!

Previous projects funded in part by Salmon Festival surplus have included the Steveston Water Park, an accessibility upgrade to the children’s playground, the Steveston Legacy Statue, and Steveston Educational Garden. The current project is a big one: a capital campaign to rebuild Steveston park’s ageing playground. There is a certain irony with this particular project, as the Salmon Festival’s origins date back to 1945 when a group of families held a sports day picnic on Dominion Day, July 1st, to raise money to build a playground for the neighbourhood children. That event has evolved into the celebration we’ve come to know and love today!

Thank you for your consideration in becoming involved in this signature community event.

For more information about becoming a sponsor email: [email protected]