DJ Miss Sparkles feat. #SparklesKrew

“DJ Miss Sparkles,” aka Krystal Kiran, is a B.C.-born and raised singer, dancer, actor, choreographer, teacher and now DJ! Krystal started her performing career by dancing at the PNE when she was 16 years old and found herself performing on Broadway in New York City just three years later! Krystal has performed on some of the biggest stages around the world, but equally if not more than her love for the stage, Krystal LOVES working with kids and making them dance! Krystal’s dance students gave her the name “DJ Miss Sparkles” and now it’s your turn to become part of Krystal’s #SparklesKrew! Come join in on the fun to sing & dance to your favorite songs, learn some funky & cool dance moves, and play interactive games.

For the Steveston Salmon Festival, Krystal will be joined by her dance students Kaya, Maya, Sophie and Nora — aka the #SparklesKrew!




Performing Schedule(1)


    11:00 AM - 11:40 AM