2023 Trade Show Application Package

PLEASE NOTE: Two Distinct Applications:

Commercial Application and Non-Profit Application – Please ensure you are completing the correct Application Form


Why exhibit at the Annual Steveston Salmon Festival?

Participate in “Canada’s biggest little birthday party” and celebrate our nation’s birthday at one of the oldest established community celebrations in Metro Vancouver on July 1st!

  • Be a part of our continually growing event that has an average annual attendance of over 80,000
  • 18,000 square feet of exhibit space at our Indoor Trade Show area
  • Expect crowds who come year after year and look forward to our established family event
  • Benefit from the relaxing atmosphere where people are receptive to new ideas in the marketplace
  • Meet face to face with consumers to demonstrate and sell
  • Test market or launch your products and receive instant feedback
  • Create awareness of your products and services to thousands of consumers
  • Cater to a captive Richmond audience at the only trade show of its kind

Exhibitor Benefits:

  • Indoor 10’ wide x 10’ deep booth space, 1 table, 2 chairs.
  • Outdoor 10’x 10’, 10’x 20’ or custom space to accommodate your special vehicle or display package; you provide your own set-up: tent, tent weights, tables, chairs, and dressing.
  • Trade Show Exhibitors will be listed on:
    • Festival Program (5,000 distribution at the Festival and shared on-line)
    • Festival social media feeds and other marketing opportunities when possible
    • Salmon Festival website including your business name and link to your website
  • Opportunity to advertise in the Richmond News Festival Feature (to be negotiated between you and the News)

Your support allows us help the Community

A portion of the surplus generated by the Steveston Salmon Festival will be directed towards ongoing projects in and around the community centre for the benefit of the whole community. In previous years, we have contributed to building the water park and educational garden. Our current focus is a capital campaign to replace the children’s playground in Steveston Park.

Contact Us Today!

To enquire about our Trade Show please email admin@stevestonsalmonfest.ca .

Deadline for application submission is 5:00pm on June 5, 2023. Applicants will be notified within 7 days of their acceptance. Applications received and approved after June 2nd may not be included in the festival print marketing due to publishing deadlines.

    1. THE STEVESTON SALMON FESTIVAL, as used herein refers to the Richmond Agricultural and Industrial Society (RAIS) and its employees and agents.
    2. ALLOTMENT OF SPACE: the Steveston Salmon Festival assigns Booth space. In all cases, the Salmon Festival reserves the right to reject or accept conditional applications at any time. Applicants will be notified of their application status within 7 days of submission. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests for a specific booth; however, the Trade Show committee will make the final allocation. The Salmon Festival reserves the right to relocate booths as required should adjustments become necessary.
    3. USE OF SPACE: The space contracted is to be used solely for the Exhibitor whose name appears on this application and only for those products/services listed on the Exhibitor Space Contract. The Exhibitor agrees the allotted space shall not be assigned, shared, subleased in whole or in part except with the written approval of the Salmon Festival.
      • Indoor booth space is 10’ x 10’ one 600-watt power service, 1 table, 2 chairs. Exhibitor is responsible for providing his or her own additional table or chairs if needed, and other required display material.
      • Minimum outdoor space is 10’ x 10’. Salmon Festival provides space only. Exhibitor is responsible for providing his or her own tent, tent weights, table, chairs, and any other required display material.
    4. GRANDFATHERING: Steveston Salmon Festival reserves the right to grandfather a repeat exhibitor, including assigned booth space. Grandfathered exhibitors will be given first option and then applicants will be consider on a first come basis if space becomes available. Should there be multiple applicants with the same product, the Steveston Salmon Festival reserves the right to accept only one same-product exhibitor.
    5. CONTRACT FOR SPACE RENTAL: Payment is due upon confirmation once the applicant is approved. No refund will be made for space that is not used or for space that is unused during any portion of the show.
    6. PAYMENT & CANCELLATION: Full payment is due upon confirmation, once the applicant is approved. Payment will be accepted by cheque payable to Richmond Agricultural and Industrial Society, or by credit card. If paying by credit card, an invoice will be emailed too you via Square for secure payment on-line. Please note: NSF fee is $38.00 (subject to change).
      1. CANCELLATION: Either party may cancel this contract on condition the WRITTEN NOTICE of such cancellation is received by the remaining party as scheduled hereunder; refunds will be applied as indicated. Charges will apply uniformly and whether or not the space is resold.
        1. Cancellation from June 3rd to June 15th – 50% refund
        2. Cancellation after June 16th – no refund
      1. Indoor set-up must be done on June 30th. Time slots will be assigned for load-in.
        1. Please do not arrive any earlier than your designated time slots as prior to this time we are busy setting up the venue and will be unable to receive you.
        2. Exhibitors will be unable to access the grounds by vehicle on July 1st due to road closures and restricted access, except by prior arrangement with the Trade Show coordinator.
        3. July 1st: The building will be opened for vendor access at 7:00am for final setup.
      2. Outdoor setup begins on July 1st at 7:00am.
        1. Please note that due to road closures surrounding the venue, vehicle access will be limited in the area. Road closures take effect at 8:00am.
        2. Any outside exhibitors bringing in vehicles and trailers for display must be in place no later than 7:30am. All other vehicles must be off-site by 7:30am. Late arrivals maybe refused entry or relocated to a less desirable area as a result. The Trade Show coordinator will work with your team to schedule your arrival so the setup crew is prepared to assist with settling you into your allotted space.
          1. It is preferred that these types of exhibits be delivered on June 30th, however, we do understand that is not always possible.
        3. Outdoor exhibitors may deliver and store tents, equipment and supplies inside the net shed building on June 30th is they wish to do so; items may be delivered between the hours of 1:00pm and 5:00pm. All stored items must be removed by 8:00am on July 1st. Please ensure you clearly label ALL of your items so there is no mix-up with other vendors during the rush to setup.
      3. Security: Indoor exhibit building will be secured overnight; grounds will be monitored and patrolled by on-site security; however, the safety of anything left outside overnight cannot be guaranteed.
      4. Vehicle Access: With the exception of display vehicle/trailers, exhibitors will be unable to access the grounds on July 1st by vehicle, except by prior arrangement and only for exceptional circumstances.
        1. At the end of the day, vehicles will not be allowed on the grounds until AFTER 5:30pm to ensure public safety. Due to the high number of pedestrians on the grounds and surround area, please ensure you drive with extreme care and follow the direction of our volunteer traffic controllers.
      5. Operating Hours July 1st: All Exhibits are open to the public from 11:00am until 5:00pm.
        1. Booths must be staffed at all times during operation hours.
        2. Break down may begin at 5:00pm, not before. Please assist us with maintaining the integrity of the exhibit floor and as a courtesy to other vendors, do not begin take down of your booth until 5:00pm. If you run out of product or have, other reasons for closing early, please remain at your booth and keep your display intact until closing time.
        3. All exhibitor booths must be completely cleared, including garbage and recyclables by 6:30pm.
    8. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS AND LIABILITY: the Exhibitor is responsible for all damage to the exhibit facility, show property or display equipment. Exhibitors are responsible for all damage caused to same from any cause whatsoever. The Salmon Festival will take reasonable precautions to safeguard Exhibitor’s property; however, the Salmon Festival assumes no liability for loss for damage through any cause of goods, exhibits, or other materials owned, rented or leased by the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Richmond Agricultural and Industrial Society, Steveston Community Society, and City of Richmond against, and hold them harmless from, any complaints, suits or liabilities resulting from negligence of the Exhibitor in connection with the Exhibitor’s use of display space. The exhibitor will accept the space in the conditions in which is rented. The Salmon Festival does not guarantee the structural integrity of rented space.
      1. Third Party Liability insurance certificate is MANDATORY and must be provided no later than June 24th or forfeit your booth space.
      2. Certificate must meet the following conditions:
        1. A minimum of $2 Million per occurrence including bodily injury and death and property damage.
        2. The following be named as additional insured:
          1. City of Richmond, 6911 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC V6Y 2C1
          2. Richmond Agricultural and Industrial Society, 4111 Moncton Street, Richmond BC V7E 3 A8
          3. Steveston Community Society, 4111 Moncton Street, Richmond BC V7E 3A8

You will not be permitted to open your exhibit without proof of insurance.

    1. The Salmon Festival reserves the right to limit the generation of noise, dust, smoke, litter, method of operation, creation of safety hazards or any other results, which may become objectionable or otherwise distract from or be out of keeping with, the character of the festival.
    2. To ensure exhibitors have a good sightline from the aisle, displays must not encroach into the aisles.
    3. Exhibitors must confine their exhibit and all activities including distribution of advertising material within the limits of their allotted space. Please do not block the aisles in any manner.
    4. Booths must be maintained in a tidy and orderly manner throughout the show. Please ensure you leave your booth area clean and all garbage removed at the end of the day. Steveston Salmon Festival complies with the City of Richmond requirements for event waste management. A representative from the environmental committee may be in contact with you in advance to review your disposal plan.
    5. All signage must be professional in appearance.
    6. All products/services offered for sale must be listed on the application and approved in advance.
    7. The following is NOT permitted:
      1. Due to fire regulations open flame of any kind including candles (Indoor and Outdoor)
      2. Balloons
      3. Gambling activities of any kinds, including but not limited to raffles and games of change
        1. Soliciting of charitable donations
    8. The Salmon Festival must pre-approve all free prize draws or giveaways. Sample ballots must be provided in advance. Please consult the Trade Show Coordinator.
    9. In the event it becomes necessary to restrict any installation or activity or to evict an offending exhibitor, the Salmon Festival will not refund exhibit fees or reimburse any other expenses incurred by the exhibitor as a result.
    10. There is no storage space available outside your booth area except overnight June 30th. Please make our own arrangements for storing excess product on July 1st.
    11. Vendors requiring power are responsible for providing their own extension cords.
    12. Outdoor exhibitor tents must be properly weighted or staked down. NO EXCEPTIONS. Steveston is prone to windy conditions and untethered tents can become dangerous. Exhibitors must provide their own supplies, as the Salmon Festival does not have the resources to provide tent weights.
    13. The Salmon Festival reserves the right to exclude or limit the sale or portion of select items, including but not limited to: bottled water, temporary tattoos, Canadian flags and similar Canada-themed novelties. All Exhibitors/Vendors must have written authorization from the Salmon Festival to sell and/or use these items for promotion.
    14. Under NO circumstance will any vending or free handouts of any kind (including literature) be permitted outside your designated booth space or anywhere on the Festival grounds or on the parade route.
  2. INTERPRETATION AND ENFORCEMENT: The management of the Salmon Festival rests with the Richmond Agricultural and Industrial Society. These conditions of contract display rules and regulations form part of the contract between the exhibitor and the Salmon Festival. All matters in question not covered by these regulations are subject in the first instance to the decision of the President of the Richmond Agricultural and Industrial Society or a duly authorized representative. All parties shall adhere to all decisions made.


2023 Application Trade Show Vendor 

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