Chris Clute

Throughout the last year, Chris Clute has been paving his way towards the release of his debut album Homesick Holiday by dropping singles such as “Midnight Drive,” a desperate drunken love song that combines the R&B, synthwave vibe of The Weeknd’s “Heartless” with hints of ethereal, layered bedroom pop, and alternative rock stations favourite; and “Candy,” an addictingly sweet rock song comparing two of life’s tastiest things. The album features 10 songs and two interludes, coming together to give fans a cinematic and immersive listening experience. On top of crafting and developing his skills as a songwriter, Chris has been learning from the greats and has been building his confidence on stage with his band to deliver an electrifying and engaging show that leaves people feeling welcomed and accepted. As a before and after school care leader for kids in Vancouver, Clute preaches and teaches inclusivity and community, which is a big part of his life and career as a musician. From singing the anthem for the 2021 Vancouver Canucks Home Opener to selling out the Railway Club for an electrifying original set, Chris is a born performer and can’t help but share his craft.




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    10:00 AM - 10:40 AM