The Seabillys

The Seabillys play traditional Celtic music and inspired original tunes with classic Canadian/American folk/pop/bluegrass added in. This band features rich vocal harmonies, lively rhythms and fun solos to keep their crowds clapping, stomping and singing along.

Dan Beer on acoustic guitar & cowbell, and Mark Messcu keeps things steady on standup bass . Kat Goheen plays violin & bodhr√°n, Brian Best on banjitar, harmonica & guitar. All sing. You can’t help but smile, stomp and sing along. AND The Seabillys donate a portion of their pay to charity.

Dan is a singer songwriter rhythm guitar player who loves uptempo beats, singing harmonies, and having fun with his bandmates and the audience.

Brian combines his love of vocals and harmonica with tasty flat picking on acoustic and electric guitars, his six string banjo (banjitar), splashing colourful accents and fun into Seabillys songs.

Kat combines her classical training and American roots to add a sparkle to the Seabillys set list. She loves writing tunes for the group and sharing new riffs on her fiddle, and beats on her bodhr√°n.

Mark weaves his deep roots of bluegrass bass with the beating wave rhythms of the Seabillys’ originals, covers, Celtic airs and spirited sea songs.




Performing Schedule(1)


    2:00 PM - 2:45 PM